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With Teacher's Toolbox you can prepare your own interactive classes.
22 colorful and animated exercise templates will entertain your class for a long time.


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Create an engaging lesson in a few minutes!

Teacher’s Toolbox is a user friendly software solution which includes 22 different exercise templates designed to effectively engage pupils and make the knowledge easier to assimilate. Solved exercises can be saved and classified into folders, thereby creating a knowledge bank which can be used over and over again. The program allows multiple teachers to work independently thanks to password protected accounts.

Use with iPads and smartphones!

  • Test your pupils directly from their mobile devices in seconds.
  • TestApp allows you to make tests instantaneously available on your pupils’ laptops/tablets/smartphones directly from your own computer.
  • With just a few clicks, the test being solved on the interactive board appears on your pupils’ screens.


Each template offers a different way of teaching and assessing pupils. All the essential templates (eg. tests, sorting exercises,  work with pictures) as well as many creative templates can be found in the program’s database. Each template has full screen mode enabled so that it can be easily viewed on a projector or an interactive whiteboard. Switching options between the learning and test mode allows the teacher to quickly assess any newly acquired knowledge.
Teacher’s Toolbox has specifically been designed for teachers working with interactive whiteboards and all the templates make full, effective use of the touch screen. The big size of the font and the full screen mode will certainly be appreciated by the pupils sitting towards the back of the classroom.
Teacher’s Toolbox has been noted and appreciated for its flawless compatibility with other interactive tools: all exercises can simply be dragged onto the desktop or any other program. The exercises are saved in Flash format, which guarantees compatibility with most educational programs currently available on the market. An additional advantage of the Flash format is the ease with which you can publish created exercises online.
This innovative program has won prizes at a number of educational expos and is rapidly becoming a well recognised, essential tool, bringing efficiency, creativity and a competitive edge to modern schools.

What makes it so special

— unique design —

Teacher’s Toolbox is a beautiful piece of software, not like many other classroom programs available.

— Fun —

This program, like no other, attracts the audience with its bright colours and smooth animations.

— responsive —

Design that works with even smaller resolutions like 1024×768 and the fullscreen mode give you confidence that it will run even on older hardware.

— High quality —

After over 5 years of testing and improving we are finally letting it go on a broad market.

— updates & support —

With every license we provide free updates & technical support for one year. We are here to help.

— documentation —

All of the program functions are fully documented and easily accessed from the program menu, ready any time you work with it.

Use it everywhere!

  • Drag and drop your exercises to desktop, or any other device.
  • Publish your exercises on the web.
  • Show your exercises on computers without Teacher’s Toolbox installed
  • Create your own library of finished exercises on usb flash drive and have it anywhere with you.


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